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2010 Coins 65th Edition

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Steve Nolte


About the Book
With hundreds of updated coin photos and thousands of current prices, this book has been a perennial favorite since 1943. Originally released as Fell’s United States Coin Book, this edition, specially revised for Fell’s Official Know-It-All Series, is required reading for both serious and beginning coin collectors. While certainly a price guide, this edition offers more backup and background information for the modern coin collector than any other publication available. New for 2010 are sections on the 100th anniversary of the Lincoln Cent, the New US Territories Quarters, and exciting spreads on the updated Sacagawea and Presidential Dollar Issues.

• Updated pricing of all United States coins.

• This book is a must for all beginning and or serious coin collectors

• Coins 2010, 65th Edition provides a complete hobby guide for the modern coin collector. Steve Nolte is President of the Numismatic Association—collaboration among numismatic professionals including collectors, dealers, researchers, and authors. Nolte specializes in American Coins, ranging from the Early American Coppers through today’s modern mint products—especially today’s circulating coins and commemoratives. An educator at the core, Nolte earned his credentials Ph.D. (ABD) from the University of Wisconsin.

2010 Coins 65th Edition Steve Nolte

Price: $18.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-174-7 Trade Paperback 6x9 272 pages Publication Date: 10/2009