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5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl

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Lauren P. Salamone


About the Book
After many requests that she write this book, Lauren Salamone — award winning mentor to today’s college students — has responded by revealing the 5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl. In her signature upbeat, affirming style, Salamone shares the secrets that have already catapulted countless college girls to a new level of confidence and unprecedented success. The 5-Secrets Action Guide included in the book helps girls easily incorporate Salamone’s winning strategies as a backdrop to their lives at college. They learn first-hand how to orchestrate their college experiences more meaningfully. And as they implement each step in the Action Guide — Wow! — students are transformed and land directly on the path to a college-life infused with purpose, clarity, and inspiration.
No other book of its kind exists on the market. Nor is any other book written by a veteran teacher and award-winning mentor who has already helped hundreds of girls confidently and purposefully surpass their college goals. 5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl fills a niche that desperately needs filling.

5 Must-Know Secrets for Today’s College Girl Lauren P. Salamone

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-183-9 Trade Paperback 6x9 224 pages Publication Date: 5/2010