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Demystifying Business With Cookies and Elephants

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Gordon Ettie


About the Book
This book describes the total system of any business or organization in a simplified, readable way. It starts with people — what business and organizations are all about. The book then shows how leadership and strategy are forever linked, and then describes the external drivers —product, markets and regions, along with the needed internal functions —sales/marketing, operations, technology and finance/administration. Finally, the book lays out the financial measurements required for a financial reporting structure and ways to raise capital, all in understandable terms. Stories and analogies between a fictional cookie business and the adage about putting all the parts of an elephant (business) together are utilized throughout the book to illustrate key points.


Demystifying Business With Cookies and Elephants Gordon Ettie

Price: $20 US ISBN13: 978-0-883911-37-2 Hardback 6x9 128 pages