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Divorce Dirty Tricks

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Frederick Fell Publishers


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Divorce Dirty Tricks is an invaluable handbook for protecting your rights and getting everything you’re entitled to when you have your day in court. Divorce Dirty Tricks offers practical advice on the legal pitfalls, loopholes and nasty surprises that can be involved in a marital split. In Divorce Dirty Tricks, the author gets the reader ready for his “day in court”. With over 1.2 million divorces in this country each year – and the number keeps climbing dramatically —more readers are looking for advice on how to get out “alive”. This book contains a wealth of experience in both the offensive and defensive side of divorce action. The reader will find some clues regarding telltale signs that a divorce is in the works. There is a checklist for divorce planning and dozens of real life divorce civil wars. Divorce Dirty Tricks contains over $2000 worth of advice that will help the reader start off on a level playing field, uncover the pitfalls, and anticipate nasty surprises when splitting up.

Divorce Dirty Tricks Frederick Fell Publishers

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883911-47-1 Trade Paperback 6x9 208 pages