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High Holiday Stories

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Nancy Rips


About the Book
The High Holidays are the most important festivals of the Jewish year, and all Jews have their own memories of these special days. It’s a time to remember, a time to be with families, and a time to tell stories about past generations. And you don’t need to be Jewish to appreciate this, because the 21rst century is a much smaller world, with many different faiths coming together. HIGH HOLIDAY STORIES is filled with 101 heartfelt holiday remembrances, from famous people, and some only known in their own circle of family and friends. They recount varied Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur experiences, from observing the holiday in the Colorado Rockies to Army bases in Iraq, even online in L.A. The stories come from people of all ages, all professions, from New York to California, New Zealand to England.
For me the High Holidays are an opportunity to connect with people I love and a chance to make amends to those I may have hurt, recalls Nancy Rips. It’s my busiest time of the year! Nancy Rips is recognized as the Book Maven of the Midwest. She’s a longtime bookseller and book reviewer who has always loved the Jewish holidays. She began collecting High Holiday stories after her first book SEDER STORIES was so successful. Her passion for books, reading, libraries, and the Jewish tradition are infectious. Plus she’s a force of nature when it comes to her regular review segments on radio and Omaha’s CBS-TV affiliate. In her free time, between 5:00 and 6:00 AM, you can find her at the gym lifting weights.

High Holiday Stories Nancy Rips

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-191-4 Cloth 6x6.5 192 pages

Publication Date: 11/2010