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Memory Mastery

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Harry Lorayne


About the Book
An authoritative guide to improving brain power, concentration, and powers of observation leading scientists, the normal, person uses only 10% of his brain’s performance with this unique method. The Complete Guide to Memory Mastery provides a unique system of memory builders that unlocks the dormant powers of memorization. Comprised of Harry Lorayne’s best-selling How to Develop a Super Power Memory and Secrets of Mind Power, this book can help the reader learn to accurately recall anything, anytime, anywhere such as prices, phone numbers, names, dates and places. Filled with simple exercises and numerous examples, Memory Mastery will teach everyone to recall information with techniques such as association, the link method, the peg system of recalling numbers, and training powers of observation.

Memory Mastery Harry Lorayne

Price: $18 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-189-1 Trade Paperback 6x9 224 pages Publication Date: 9/2010