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No Bull Selling

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Hank Trisler


About the Book
“The finest and most honest book on salesmanship I have read in a long time.”—Og Mandino, author of The Greatest Salesman in the World No Bull Selling is the no-nonsense, proven key to developing a dynamic sales approach that will convince even the toughest customer. Master salesman Hank Trisler reveals TIPS (Trisler’s Idiot Proof System), his unique formula that improves selling charisma through honesty and openness, not canned pitches, manipulation, or trick closes. No Bull Selling explains the difference between hard and weak sales techniques with a humorous and downto- earth style that makes learning to sell simple and clear. Included are the straight facts about successful selling such as: · How to sell anything from real estate to automobiles · The 80-20 rule of selling · Vocabulary, speed, tone, and enunciation · The 3 “big questions” that turn 80% of inquiries into appointments · The keys to cold calling · How to classify customers · The A-B-C’s of selling (Advantage, Benefit, Commitment).

No Bull Selling Hank Trisler

Price: $16.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883910-64-1 Trade Paperback 7 ¼ x 9 194 pages