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Pilates for Sexual Enhancement

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Dana Hershman & Belinda McDonald


About the Book
Pilates is known for many things, weight-loss, flattening your stomach, shaping your buns. But never before has it been discussed that it can enhance sexual performance. Who would not want to be stronger more in shape and have a great sex life! Our year-long study showed that Pilates does stimulate the nervous system, improved the pelvis muscles and have an enhancement on sexual enjoyment. By performing a simple program on a daily basis for only 8 weeks, you will experience a great change in your sex life — improved libido and stronger in all aspects.
The book offers 3 separate, but progressive, concise 8 week programs to follow, from beginner to advanced. Even if you have never done Pilates, you can start now. You can improve your sexual performance in 8 weeks, doing this simple program that enhances the function of the pelvic muscles, and restores the pleasure of sex!

Pilates for Sexual Enhancement Dana Hershman & Belinda McDonald

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 999-9-99999-999-9 Trade Paperback 6x9 192 pages Publication Date: 12/2011