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Secrets of Mind Power
How To Organize and Develop the Hidden Powers of Your Mind—New Edition

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Harry Lorayne


About the Book
If knowledge is power, then memory is super-powerful! Through this celebrated work, best selling author Harry Lorayne reveals his proven methods for developing a photographic memory. Let the man the Los Angeles Times calls the “Muhammed Ali of the memory business” teach you how to improve your concentrations, think more effectively, discover profitable ideas and solve complex problems. He will also help you develop and strengthen your memory, be confident and successful, think logically, successfully and creatively, and become more organized and time efficient. lucid and definitive memory-training book ever written.” —MoneyLines Magazine


Secrets of Mind Power Harry Lorayne

Price: $16.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883910-08-5 Trade Paperback 6x9 224 pages


Price: $16.95 US
ISBN13: 978-0-883910-08-5
Trade Paperback
6×9 224 pages