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Sex Ed Uncensored
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TayloR Puck

About the Book
Get ready for Sex Ed 101-TayloR Puck style! Are you ready to know everything there is to know about SEX (even the raunchy, triple X details)?!? Sex Ed UNcensored is a researched-based guide, filled with hysterical narratives and commentary that will educate its readers, as well as entertain them. Based on Dr. Dennis Dailey’s Circles of Sexuality, this sex ed lesson covers every aspect of human sexuality that an adolescent should know.
By using urban language and extreme bluntness, TayloR entices teens with laughter while they absorb underlying morality, and learn the essential tools and material needed in order to aid them in making healthy future choices. With subject matter ranging from simple anatomy to bestiality, trained sex educator, TayloR Puck, M.S., M.Ed., answers the questions teens wouldn’t dare to ask out loud. This comprehensive sex education lesson tells you the juicy details your parents and educators would never dream of teaching!

Sex Ed Uncensored / TayloR Puck

Price: $16 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-285-0 Trade Paperback 6x9 240 pages Publication Date: 10/2012