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So You Want To Be a Nurse?

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Marianne Pilgrim Calabrese


About the Book
So You Want To Be A Nurse? is a book that will educate nurses and aspiring nurses alike on how to excel in the health care system. It reveals everything no one wants to tell you about the nursing profession. It tells how to save the reader the agony of on the job trial and error training and gives you a head start in using experienced strategies in order to suceed. Readers will learn how to find the best nursing position for their personality and ability and how to deal with administrators, physicians, colleagues, patients and their families. It also tells you how to survive in a hospital once you get a nursing position. There are The Ten Commandments of Nursing, such as, “Don’t put your own beliefs ahead of the patient’s”, “Choose your work friends cautiously” and offers tips on fundamental issues nurses face today.


So You Want To Be a Nurse? Marianne Pilgrim Calabrese

Price: $16.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883911-19-8 Trade Paperback 6x9 176 pages