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Take Control of Your Kitchen

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M. Collete Rogers


About the Book
Tired of chaos in the kitchen? Tired of having the same old things night after night? Wish mealtimes could be less stressfull and more restful? Take Control of Your Kitchen is a kitchen organizing guide that makes cooking both easy and enjoyable. Has kitchen layouts and more importantly explains the process of arranging an existing kitchen to get optimal use. Walks the novice and expert cook through a process of making meal-planning and cooking an easier task. How to turn a kitchen into a place where it is easy to make meals people dream of cooking. Assists the novice to expert in setting up a kitchen to make it fun in which to cook. With step-by-step, simple approaches it helps organize a kitchen for easy use.

Take Control of Your Kitchen M. Collete Rogers

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883910-99-3 Trade Paperback 6x9 256 pages