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The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period!

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Ron Schneider


About the Book
“The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period!” is an instructional book on how to play pocket billiards. It covers every aspect of the game beginning with how to build a better stroke to the more advanced techniques on how to masse or jump the cue ball. This book uses a very simple and concise teaching format of an illustration at the top of the page and the explanation text directly below to expand the knowledge and ability of the average recreational pool player. Each of the fourteen chapters has an abundance of clear and concise illustrations with detailed explanations on how to replicate the various shots necessary to improve players’ skills. By gaining this new understanding of the “how” and “why” and then practicing the various drills repeatedly, the player’s skills will improve dramatically.
The chapters include The Stroke Builders, The Practice Shots, Safety Play, The Kicking Game, Banking, Combinations, Caroms, The Nine Ball Break, The Masse Shot, The Jump Shot, Position Play, Specialty Shots, and Deflection-Cling-Throw-Skid.

The Best Damn Pool Instruction Book, Period! Ron Schneider

Price: $16.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-883911-39-0 Trade Paperback 6x9 240 pages