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The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Incredible Bargains

Author Name
Debbie Weisberg


About the Book
The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Incredible Bargains features first person shopping stories and humorous anecdotes about America’s favorite past time. It is a terrific source for today’s consumers, covering such retail venues as department and specialty store sales, online websites, vintage resources, sample sales, eBay and other auction houses, discount chains and more. This book is a must for people who love to shop as well as for those who are overwhelmed by the choices in the ever changing retail arena.


  •  This book is unique in the sense that it provides readers with strategic tips, anecdotes, insider secrets and retail resources for “finding that incredible bargain”.
  •  The Fashion Lover’s Guide to Incredible Bargains is a combination of facts, resources, first person stories and insight into the complexities of modern day shopping.
  •  This book will provide actual resources and listings for saving money when shopping.

The Fashion Lover's Guide to Incredible Bargains Debbie Weisberg

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-161-7 Trade Paperback 6x9 172 pages Publication Date: 6/2009