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Top 100 Coffee Recipes

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Mary Ward


About the Book
Coffee lovers, are you in search of the perfect cup of coffee? As coffee drinks have risen in status to “state of the art” designer beverages, this book provides a unique selection of innovative culinary delights culled from a broad range of cultures and beverage drinkers around the world. In this beautifully illustrated book you will find one hundred recipe secrets to creating the best tasting, most relaxing and healthiest cup of “black gold”. You will learn how to serve tasty coffee, hot or iced, espresso or cappuccino, and delicious coffee with spirits. Includes nutritional and caffeine analysis of these popular and irresistible recipes so that you can appropriately select the coffee that best meets your dietary needs. You are sure to enjoy creating, serving and drinking the best international coffees in just a matter of minutes from the leisurely comfort of your own home.


  •   Recipes, How-To’s, and a mini-encyclopedia of coffee recipes beyond “a good cup of Joe” for coffee lovers.
  •   The Kama-sutra for coffee lovers. Gives coffee lovers a thorough education in coffee enjoyment. Recipes contain nutritional information.

Title Top 100 Coffee Recipes Mary Ward

Price: $14.95 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-163-1 Trade Paperback 5.5x8.25 208 pages Publication Date: 11/2009