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Women Who Win At Work

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Liane Sebastian


About the Book
Women Who Win at Work presents the best advice for women in business in a tightly edited, efficient, and accessible format. Winning At Work For Women is like listening to trusted friends give advice on solving an array of business challenges. It will shorten the reader’s learning curve so that she can avoid the most common mistakes so many women make. It is written to help women utilize their strengths in the business environment.

  •  Any businesswoman can find ideas she can apply immediately to her business or career.
  •  Thirty exemplary professionals from every business sector are featured, plus encapsulations from 70 leading authors.
  •  As a short-cut to the best thinking and the conclusions gained from it, this book saves the reader a great amount of time and money.
  •  Winning At Work For Women give the reader a fertile foundation to grow her own garden of proven knowledge.

Women Who Win At Work Liane Sebastian

Price: $15 US ISBN13: 978-0-88391-184-6 Trade Paperback 6x6 228 pages Publication Date: 6/2009